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Chen-Feng You


Distinguished Professor


B.Sc (Earth Sciences), National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 1984
M.Sc (Oceanography), National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 1986
Ph.D. (Oceanography), Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, USA, 1994


Present Academic Positions:
Distinguished Professor (III), NCKU (2014-2016)
Professor of Geochemistry, NCKU (2004-present)
Adjunct Research Fellow, Inst. Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica

Previous Academic Positions Held:
Distinguished Professor (II), NCKU (2011-2013)
Distinguished Professor (I), NCKU (2007-2010)
Professor of Geochemistry, NCKU (2004-present)
Associate Professor of Geochemistry, NCKU (1999-2004)
Assistant Professor of Geochemistry, NCKU (1998-1999)
Visiting Scientist, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, 1997-
Research fellow, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University, UK, 1996-1997
Visiting Scientist, UNCW, USA, 1996-
Research associate IV, LSU, USA, 1995-1996
Research chemist III, Scripps, UCSD, 1994-1995
Research assistant, Scripps, UCSD, 1989-1994; IESAS, 1988-1989

Research Highlight

Isotope geochemistry, chemical oceanography, global environmental changes.

Awards and honors

NSC/Royal Society fellowship PI (2009/06-08)
NSC Science Vanguard PI (2008-2012)
The D.-Y. Wu memorial research award, NSC, 2003
The T.-Y. Ma metal award, GSC, 2000
The PPAEU(I) project chief investigator, Isotope Geodynamics, MOE, 1999-2003


Oceanography (海洋學)
Credits: 3
History of Oceanography, The origin of Earth, its oceans and life in the oceans; Global plate tectonics and marine provinces; Air-sea interaction and Ocean circulation; Waves and tides; The marine environment; Marine resources and marine pollution...


Advanced Isotope Geochemistry I/II (同位素地球化學特論 I/II)
Credits: 3
Nucleosynthesis and nuclear decay; Experimental technique; The Rb-Sr method and applications; The Sm-Nd method and applications; Lead isotope and applications; The Re-Os, Lu-Hf method and applications; The K-Ar and Ar-Ar method and applications; The U-series geochemistry and applications.


Thesis I/II (論文I/II)
Credits: 1/1
To train student how to prepare a thesis plan, to do literature search, to conduct lab or field work and to write a thesis.


Geochemistry (地球化學)
Credits: 3
This course provides broad views on inorganic geochemistry to students majoring in Earth Sciences. Although not listed as pre-requests, basic knowledge on freshman level chemistry and petrology promote understanding on some topics. The main themes include (1) formation of elements in the periodic table, (2) variations of element abundances in the Earth system and the associated mechanisms, (3) theories and applications of stable and radiogenic isotopes on geological and environmental processes, (4) interpreting chemical variations in the nature with thermodynamics, and (5) introduction to geochemical analyses. The contents are of entry levels. If interested, students are encouraged to follow with higher level geochemistry courses, such as stable isotope geochemistry, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, U-series disequilibrium, igneous geochemistry, analytical geochemistry, and special topics on geochemistry.


Introduction Earth Sciences I (地球科學概論 I)
Credits: 3
This course provides basic view of essentials of geography, includes (1) solar energy to Earth and the seasons, (2) Earth's modern atmosphere, (3) atmospheric and surface energy balance, (4) global temperature, (5) atmospheric and oceanic circulations, (6) weather, and (7) climate systems and climate change.