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Bo-Shian Wang


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Development of isotope experimental and analytical methods

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Coral geochemistry

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Seasonal to Centennial-Scale Climatic and Environmental Variability Recorded in Corals from Taiwan and Hong Kong
2009 Zhou, H., Wang, B.S., Guan, H., Lai, Y., Zheng, L., You, C.F., and Yang, H.J.. (2009) The source of the sediments of lake huguang maar: constraint from strontium and neodymium isotopic ratios and rare earth elements (accepted). Quaternary Research .
2009 Wang, B.S., You, C.F., Huang, K.F., Chung, C.H., Wan, N.J., and Chiu C.H.. (2009) High precision boron P-TIMS isotopic measurements in coral skeleton: Seasonal to decadal sea surface pH variability in southeastern Taiwan (submitted). Chemical Geology .
2007 Chung, C.S., Huang, K.F., Wang, B.S., and You, C.F.. (2007) Applications of high precision inorganic mass spectrometry in Earth sciences and oceanography. Chemistry Journal 65 (2) .


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