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Shein-Fu Wu


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Ph.D., Department of Earth Sciences, National Cheng Kung University
M.S., Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University 
B.S., Department of Oceanography, National Taiwan Ocean University 


Research Assistant of IGL (2004-2006)

Research Highlight

Marine Chemistry
Geothermal Research

Awards and honors



Origin, Migration and Evolution of Fluids in Submarine Seep-Vent Environments: Studies of Milos Island, Greece and Mississippi River plume in northern Gulf of Mexico
2012 Wu, S. F., You, C. F., Valsami-Jones, E., Baltatzis, E., Shen, M. L.. (2012) Br/Cl and I/Cl systematics in the shallow-water hydrothermal system at Milos Island, Hellenic Arc. Marine Chemistry 140-141 . doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2012.07.004
2011 Wu, S. F., You, C. F., Wang, B. S., Valsami-Jones, E., Baltatzis, E.. (2011) Two-cells phase separation in shallow submarine hydrothermal system at Milos Island, Greece: Boron isotopic evidence. Geophysical Research Letters 38 . doi:10.1029/2011GL047409


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