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Ruo-Mei Wang


This member profile is no longer updated.

Postdoctoral Fellow


Naitonal Cheng Kung University


2010-2011, Visiting student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, USA
2005-2006, Research assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, NCKU, Taiwan

Research Highlight

Geochemistry, Isotopic Analysis

Awards and honors



Distribution of Dissolved Elements and Isotopes in the Gaoping River Catchment, Southwestern Taiwan: Weathering and Submarine Groundwater Discharge
台灣西南部高屏溪流域風化作用及海底地下水之研究: 同位素與元素分布
2013 Wang, R.M. and You, C.F.. (2013) Precise determination of U isotopic compositions in low concentration carbonate samples by MC-ICP-MS. Talanta 107 .
2013 Wang, R.M. and You, C.F.. (2013) Uranium and strontium isotopic evidence for strong submarine groundwater discharge in an estuary of a mountainous island: A case study in the Gaoping River Estuary, Southwestern Taiwan. Marine Chemistry 157 .
2012 Liu, Y.C., You, C.F., Huang, K.F., Wang, R.M., Chung, C.H. and Liu, H.C.. (2012) Boron sources and transport mechanisms in river waters collected from southwestern Taiwan: Isotopic evidence. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 58 .
2010 Huang, K.F., You, C.F., Liu, Y.H., Wang, R.M., Lin, P.Y. and Chung, C.H.. (2010) Low-memory, Small Sample Size, Accurate and High-precision Determinations of Lithium Isotopic Ratios in Natural Materials by MC-ICP-MS. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry . doi:10.1039/B926327F
2009 Wang, R.M., You, C.F., Chu, H.Y., and Hung, J.J.. (2009) Seasonal variability of dissolved major and trace elements in the Gaoping (Kaoping) River Estuary, Southwestern Taiwan. Journal of Marine Systems. 76, (4) .


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