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Chuan-Hsiung Chung


Postdoctoral Fellow


Master of Earth Sciences, National Cheng-Kung University



Research Highlight

1.Coral Chemical Compositions as Climate Proxies: A Tank Study 
<br>2.Development of new techniques for element and isotope ratio determinations

Awards and honors



Toward High Precision Isotope and Trace Elements Analysis in River water and Coral Skeleton: Analytical Methods Development and Application
2009 Huang, K. F., You, C.F., Wang, R. M., and Chung, C. H.. (2009) Riverine Lithium Isotope Systematic during Continental Weathering from an Active Orogenic Belt, Taiwan. Goldschimdt , Davos.
2009 Chung, C. H., Wu, J. F., You, C. F. . (2009) High Precision Fe Isotope Analysis in low Concentration Samples by High Resolution MC-ICPMS. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.
2009 Chung, C. H., Brenner, I. B., You, C. F. . (2009) Comparison of microconcentric and membrane-desolvation sample introduction systems for determination of low rare earth element concentrations in surface and subsurface waters using magnetic sector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of China, .


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