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Ju-lien Pi


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1992, B.S.,Geology Department,National Taiwan University
1995, M.S., Geology Department, National Taiwan University



Research Highlight

Boron geochemistry

Awards and honors



Micro-sublimation for B Purification from Silicate Rocks and B Isotope Geochemical Studies On Taiwan Tectonic Zone
2016 Pi, J.-L., You, C.-F., Wang, K.-L.,. (2016) The influence of Ryukyu subduction on magma genesis in the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone and Middle Okinawa Trough — Evidence from boron isotopes. Lithos 260 . doi:
2014 Ju-lien Pi, Chen-Feng You* and Chuan-Hsiung Chung. (2014) Micro-sublimation separation of boron in rock samples for isotopic measurement by MC-ICPMS. J. Anal. At. Spectrom. . doi:10.1039/c3ja50344e
1997 Liu, T.-K., Sung, Q.-C., Chen, K.-Y., Pi, J.-L., Yang, C.-H., Cheng, P.-H., . (1997) Tectonic Subsidence And Uplift In The Zeikang-Hopi Area Of Southwestern Taiwan Since The Late Pleistocene. Journal of the Geological Society of China 40 .


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