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Ju-lien Pi




1992, B.S.,Geology Department,National Taiwan University
1995, M.S., Geology Department, National Taiwan University



Research Highlight

Boron geochemistry

Awards and honors



Micro-sublimation for B Purification from Silicate Rocks and B Isotope Geochemical Studies On Taiwan Tectonic Zone
2016 Ju-lien Pi, Chen-Feng You, Kuo-Lung Wang. (2016) The influence of Ryukyu subduction on magma genesis in the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone and Middle Okinawa Trough--Evidence from boron isotopes. TGA, Taipei.
2013 Pi, Ju-lien. and You, C. F.. (2013) Precise determination of B and δ11B in rock samples. TGA 2013, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
2012 Pi, Ju-lien., You, C. F., Liu, T. K.. (2012) Geochemical evolution of the high arsenic groundwater in Chianan Plain, SW Taiwan.. 2012 Annual Congress of Chinese Geophysical Society and Geological Society of Taiwan., Taoyuan.
2011 Pi, Ju-lien., You, C. F.. (2011) A geochemical investigation of the groundwater in Chianan coastal plain, southwestern Taiwan. Isotope Research in Ecogeochemistry International Symposium, Taiwan.


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