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Weathering & Climate Change
Quantification & evaluation of the Quaternary Asian Summer Monsoon intensity through loess-paleosol sequences of the Chinese Plateau
1 SCI paper published & 1 SCI paper in revision
Hydrological dynamics between the hydrosphere and the critical zone in response to extreme weather events On going project
🌐 Sensitivity & Variability of water chemical/isotopic compositions in response to climatic changes in high elevation area- the Himalaya-Tibetan-Plateau Regions: The mechanism & implications
1 SCI paper published | MOST Einstein Proposal
🌐 Evaluation of carbonate Stable Sr isotope as a novel environmental indicator
1 SCI paper published | MOST Einstein Proposal
Isotopes & Data Sciences
🌐 Coffee beans/Tea leaves origin identification by using a B-Sr binary isotopic system
3 SCI paper & 1 Magazine chapter published
Heavy metal spatial & temporal distribution in riverine/coastal sediments of western Taiwan
1 SCI paper & 2 Book chapter published
Source changes in riverine sediments in response to flood events
1 SCI paper published
Global Warming & Future Earth
🌐 Global warming and melting of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean
1 SCI paper published | On going project
🌐 Role of carbonate burial in Blue Carbon budgets: the role & value of mangroves for climate mitigation
On going project



🌐 International joint research | 🕑 Update: Aug 15, 2020